Friday, May 25, 2012

2 Pieces of Poetry


When a piece of music does not lift you up
But grounds you
When it does not give you your dreams
But rather wakes you up
When it does not show you a whole new world
But a new side to the old one
You will then know 
that YOU are the true artist
And your world is your greatest masterpiece

A good poem makes you want to look up
A good book makes you want to close it
A good song makes you want to unplug
A good artist does not drag you in
She sets you free


Tiny people never see
Afraid to think, never free

See the world, look around
smell the scents, hear the sounds

this life is, the only one
dead in the end, so have some fun
take it in, its all for you
no great god, will help you through

this is why, I don’t believe
I disdain words, That just deceive

No proof of god, Has yet been found
But you don’t mind, And think its sound

To believe in things, Like angels, gods
In reality is, Against all odds

Here comes science, Sets you free
A clearer world, You now can see

True or false, Is verified
By evidence, Not men who died

Close your eyes, And you can see
The darkness of, Reality

But open them, If just a crack
You too will see, And won’t go back.

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