Friday, May 11, 2012

sex abuse in the jewish community

        this may twentieth, thousands of jews will meet in citi field to hear about, and hear solutions to, the "problem" of the internet. the consensus among rabbis (even those who are not attending) is that the internet is detrimental and harmful to the jewish community, and is a leading cause of religous jews leaving judaism. with all the noise and hullabaloo about the "problem", there seems to be a sort of newtonian reaction toit that is rapidly growing and gaining widespread fame with a rally of their own dubbed "The Internet is NOT the Problem". they contend that the REAL problem is sex abuse in jewish community and its history of covering it up. this has raised a shitsorm, from the internet to the mainstream media about these little known facts.

         as someone who grew up in the hassidic community of bobov it was no news to me that this was going on, it was also of little surprise that the community was covering it up. i know it sounds messed up but to me, this was the status quo and i didnt really see any hope for change on the horizon. what shocked and horrified me however, was that the secular, popularly elected, uninvolved legal system was helping them out. 

        the new york times wrote an article which plainly said that the brooklyn district attorney, joe hynes cowered to pressure from the jewish community and allowing no reports of child molestation to be brought before the court system unless the rabbis decided it was ok. recently thankfully pressure from sane human beings mounted he cracked down and arrested 95 people, who of course were not arrested until then im assuming because the rabbis didnt ok it. after all this, after the arrests, to the horror of new yorkers and sane moral and just human beings everywhere, he still refused to make their names public. how does this happen? what happened to justice being blind? what happened to all are equal in the eyes of the law? what happened to the sex offenders public registry? what happened to safety? what gives some fucking rabbi the right to dictate our justice system? who gave them the keys? its like giving the mullahs in iraq and afghanistan the right to say who can be tried as a terrorist and who cant. no wonder this has been going on unchecked for years.

        this is a horrible crime against our community, humanity, and our justice system. this cannot go on. this must be stopped. we must demand (and it sounds absurd that we even have to demand it) that all sex abuse cases be treated equally, we must demand that there be no more cover ups, we must demand full discosure to the public, we must ensure that those who do report these cases are protected, we must stand together as moral and sane human beings and demand that rabbis not be allowed to stop the wheels of justice.

        on a final note i would like to say that in my opinion, the reason that so many jews are leaving their religion, is that they simply dont give a fuck for the nonexistent robes that everyone else claims the emperor is wearing. if the internet is causing anyone to leave its because of the information available online. because now they can hear both sides of the debate and realize that one side sounds quite silly. its because they can speak with an ex muslim or ex christian and see how much they have in common. its because the internet finally levels the playing ground for all opinions and they can be judged based on their own merit. its because the internet is for the first time giving them the freedom to learn all that their censorship obsessed culture never allowed them.

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